Auditions Alert

Opera on Tap is happy to announce that we are holding auditions for our second Virtual Playground Opera production, Hansel and Gretel!  Come play with us!   

The children in the classroom program will be playing the title roles, and Opera on Tap will be taking submissions for the following roles:

Dew Fairy

More information:

Our 35 minute Playground arrangement (by J. Hudgins) includes several excerpts of the Humperdinck score. 

All music will be sung in German, with English dialogue.

Studio audio recording (rehearsals w/ MD and orchestra) will take place mid-January 2022.

Filming (and rehearsals) will take place in February 2022.



Opera on Tap is committed to Equity in all aspects of our company and programming.  All artists of any voice type, gender, ethnicity, age, and background will be considered, respectful of the vocal requirements of the role and at the discretion of the Music Director and Film Director.

Auditions will be held by video submission. 

Please include a (link to) resume or website as well.

Selections (arias or art songs) should preferably be in German (or English)x

Please slate with your name, role(s) you would accept, and three of your favorite sweets, and why.

All recording formats and technologies are welcome, from phone to studio, with accompaniment or a capella.  We will not take technology into consideration when review submission – we want to see your personality and hear your voice!

Submissions will also be considered for roster membership and future projects.

Deadline for submission (it’s coming up!)

Please submit to by the 23rd of December.