Drinking Song Composition Competition

Opera on Tap is pleased to announce it’s first international Drinking Song Composition Competition! All October Opera on Tap Chapters work to increase Opera on Tap awareness everywhere. Winning songs will be performed in October by Opera on Tap Chapters across the globe and video-recorded for posterity.

*3 cash prizes of $200 each


  • Songs must be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long.
  • If it has accompaniment, it must be for piano and must be something that a pianist can read easily on sight. Lead sheets are fine.
  • Must be able to be easily taught to non-musicians.
  • Must be in English.
  • Texts can be original or in the public domain. If using a text that is not original or out of the public domain, you must secure the rights to qualify.

Who Can Apply?
Anyone! But you probably need to know how to compose songs.

Feeling Inspired?
Yes! You can submit more than one song, just click on the link to add another response after your first submission.

Can I submit a drinking song I’ve written previously?
If it fits within our parameters, yes!

A panel of Opera on Tap administrators across the US and Germany will review all submissions and choose 5 finalists. Throughout October, Chapters will perform the 5 finalist songs at their monthly performances and collect audience votes on the top 3. Additionally, we will allow our online audiences to vote online via a Facebook Poll shared across all Chapters of Opera on Tap beginning October 10th through October 30th. Opera on Tap NYC will create videos for each of the 5 finalist songs for the online poll. Winners will be announced October 31st, 2018.

1) Best Song for a Hangover (a.k.a. The Hangover Award)
2) Most Likely to Cause Slurring of Lyrics (a.k.a. The Tongue Twister Award)
3) Most Likely to Induce Sobriety (a.k.a. The Designated Driver Award)