Opera on Tap Chicago Presents: Gender Bender 5!

Opera on Tap Chicago brings its FIFTH annual Gender Bender concert to the Empirical Brewery. A night of arias and scenes turned on their heads! Come watch some gender get bent, twisted, and made fluid -opera style.

Joshua Louis Smith, tenor
Dennis Kalup, tenor
Amanda Neal, soprano
Bethany Brautigam, soprano
Kate Sikora, soprano
Joelle Kross, soprano
Marysa Abbas, soprano
Megan Cook, soprano
Claire DiVizio, soprano
Stan de Cwikiel, tenor
Lexi Schiano, soprano
Sam Attaguile, mezzo
Antoni Scarano, baritone
Katherine Bruton, soprano
Ian Hosack, baritone

and Myron Silberstein on piano!

Tuesday, February 19th, 8pm
Empirical Brewery
$5 cover