Passion in Pigskin (a football, love-triangle opera)


Ever thought opera could include football?

Well, this one does!

With OOT-Wisconsin personalities such as David Guzman, Dana Vetter, Erin Sura, Austin Bare, and Josh Perkins, this 45 -minute opera focuses around two football players, two cheerleaders, and a coach.

Passion in Pigskin is written by New York – based composer and librettist duo Ellen Mandel and Michael Lydon.

*During the first half of the show evenings, OOT-WIS will have seasoned performers sing songs not from the show but related to its theme, crazy, sometimes messed-up love and the like.

October is also nationally the OOTOBER fundraising month for all of Opera on Tap, so we will touch on that a little bit the nights of the show.


For more information on purchasing tickets, there are two choices:

  1. To donate and purchase a ticket together,  visit:  *WE HAVE AWESOME PERKS AT VARIOUS DONATION/PURCHASING LEVELS!
  2. Visit the Anodyne (Walker’s Point) events page, find our event, purchase through their eventbrite link.