Part-Time Company Manager

We love our communities and want to perform for them.  We want to see our artform, that we have committed our lives to crafting, continue to exist in the near and far future.  We want to provide more performance opportunities to the thousands of young opera artists throughout the country who have an amazing gift they want to share. We want to foster and develop the artistic entrepreneurial spirit, and now we’re hiring!

The Company Manager position is a part-time position with opportunity for growth into a full-time position:

The Company Manager reports to the Artistic & Executive Director and will be responsible for managing and maintaining OOT’s financial and general business operations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Quickbooks Online management and maintenance, monthly reconciliations
  • Invoicing
  • Liaising with Treasurer for management, financial, and tax accounting and preparation 
  • Liaising with Chapter Administrations and categorizing expenses and revenues per Chapter
  • Liaising with project producers to manage payout requests and categorize expenses 
  • Generating and negotiating contracts for all independent contractors working with Opera on Tap headquarters in NYC, both production and administrative
  • Generating and negotiating Chapter contracts with Chapter Administrations
  • Financial forecasting, strategic planning and reporting in collaboration with the Artistic & Executive Director and the Development Team for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors
  • Project budgeting, in collaboration with the Artistic & Executive Director and project producers

HR duties

  • Payroll
  • Timesheet for NY staff
  • Workers’ Compensation 
  • Insurance management: 
    • D&O and General Liability
    • Project specific insurance

Time Commitment: Approx. 20 hours/week

Pay: $30,000-$35,000 annually

Here at Opera on Tap we believe work is just one of the keys to living a fulfilling life and we actively encourage and promote a work environment that puts self-care for all of our staffers at the forefront. Our NY-metro-based team works from home with occasional in-person meetings and weekly video conference calls. Work hours are flexible provided the workload can be managed within deadlines and communications with company stakeholders and 3rd parties we work with can be executed in an efficient manner.

Who We Are Looking For:

Opera on Tap is committed to fostering a work environment in which each individual has equitable access to opportunities, is fully supported in their endeavors, and feels a genuine sense of belonging. 

People from communities underrepresented in the arts and non-profit sector are especially encouraged to apply.

Send resume and cover letter to