Opera on Tap Boston Artist Roster


Erin Anderson

Margretta Beaty

Sol Kim Bentley

Jennifer Caraluzzi

Alyssa Click

Lindsay Conrad

Sarah Joyce Cooper

Theodora Cottarel

Molly Crookedacre

Amy Dancz

Christina DeVaughn

Laura Ethington

Margaret Felice

Hailey Fuqua

Christie Gibson

Kirsten Hart

Luisamaria Hernandez

Katrina Holden

Stephanie Hollenberg

Kelley Hollis

Oriana Inferra

Jessica Jacobs

Aurora Martin

Kathryn McKellar

Sara O’Brien

Katie O’Reilly

Kirstin Olsen

Sarah Ryman

Rachele Schmiege

Christie Teeters

Rebecca Teeters

Emily Thorner

Dana Varga

Allie Whitfield


Britt Brown

Alexandra Dietrich

Christina English

Caitlin Felsman

Heather Gallagher

Meghan Jolliffe

Elizabeth Kinder

Jamie Korkos

Rebecca Krouner

Sylvia Leith

Erin Moran

Gina Razon

Carrie Reid-Knox

Stephanie Scarcella

Migle Zaliukite



Wei En Chan



Stefan Barner

Ethan Bremner

Brendan Buckley

Austin Hallock

Wesley Hunter

Alexey Kukharskiy

Tim McGowen

Tim Powers

Eduardo Ramos

David Rivera

Fran Rodgers



Kyle Bejnerowicz

Scott Ballentine

Ryne Cherry

Seth Grondin

Andy Papas

Nathan Rodriguez

Max Rydqvist

Aaron Styles

Zizhao Wang

Ron Williams



Upcoming Roster Auditions! 3/19

OOT-LV is on the look out for talented opera singers (21 & over) to join our Artist Roster. If you have a great voice, a great attitude, and a great way of working a crowd in a bar, then Opera on Tap is for you!  We’ve been performing in bars around the Las Vegas area, including Classic Jewel and the Bunkhouse Saloon, and we’d love to have even more singers to perform on our shows.

Auditions will be held at the Family Music Center Sahara location on Sunday, March 19 from 12 to 5 pm.


  • If you would like to schedule an audition, please submit a headshot and resume to lasvegas@operaontap.org, no later than 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 15.
  • If you have a preferred audition time, please indicate that in your email submission. Requests will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A $10 audition fee will be taken at the time of your audition, which covers the fee for the pianist, Shane Jensen. You are welcome to bring your own accompanist, but please let us know ahead of time.


  • Prepare 3 contrasting arias.
  • Prepare brief and interesting introductions for your arias. Our OOT-LV audience will be comprised of opera lovers and opera newbie’s alike. How would you describe your arias to a bar full of people who have never heard opera before?
  • Bring a copy of your headshot, resume, and $10 accompanist fee to the audition.

A BIG thank you to Family Music Center for allowing us to hold auditions at their facility.