The Inner Circle- Audition Center

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Opera on Tap is holding auditions for the following:

Opera on Tap Presents:
The Inner Circle (scenes from the opera-in-progress)
Music: Daniel Felsenfeld
Libretto: Kate Gale
Music Direction: Mila Henry
Stage Direction: Joseph Hendel

This performance is being presented as part of The Brick Theater’s Fuckfest in late June, 2015. The opera is based on the un-authorized biography of Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

simple studios
134 West 29th Street – 2nd fl

Apr 18th, 2015
RM 207 -1-4pm
RM 205 -4-5pm

Apr 19th, 2015
RM 205 – 1-5pm

Please email Sara at to schedule an audition.

Here are some important materials relevant to the audition process:

We plan to hear one aria in English and hear you read some sides from the actual libretto of the opera-in-progress.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THE ENTIRE LIBRETTO-the link to download it and relevant SIDES information is below.

Though we are only producing the first 3 scenes from the opera in June, we are hoping to identify performers that will continue on with the piece into the full production of the opera currently slated for 2017. Performers will receive an honorarium for their participation this summer.

There will be up to 4 performances.  The rehearsal period will begin mid-May. We are awaiting our official performance dates from The Brick and will post them here as soon as we receive them.

It is also important that you understand that this opera contains sexually explicit moments.  Though there will most likely not be any nudity in the scenes we’re presenting in June, there WILL be in the full production in later years.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS- (these are the characters in the opera that will appear in the scenes we present for our performances in late June):

Dr. Alfred Kinsey (“Prok”), Bass-Baritone. Older (mid- to late-40s), professor of    Entomology and, eventually, sex research.

Clara Kinsey (“Mac”), Soprano. Wife of Kinsey, older (mid-to-late 40s),

John, Baritone. Young student of Dr. Kinsey, research assistant

Iris, Mezzo-soprano. Wife of John, not thrilled about sex research.

Betty/Alice, Soprano. Prostitute and not-so-repressed faculty wife respectively.

CHORUS: a trio (soprano, soprano, alto), light classical voices with the ability to sing straight-tone.

Here is a link to the full libretto of The Inner Circle:


Men auditioning for JOHN (who can play early 20s): John on pages 9 and 10, the Interim Duets (John and Iris, and Prok and John). Starting at Iris’ “Hello there John…” up until Mac’s line “I’m Clara.” Download this side.

Men auditioning for PROK (who can play in their mid-40s): Prok in Scene 2 (pp.  6-8) until Betty’s line. (so ending on the page 8. John’s last “Twelve”). Download this side.

ALL WOMEN auditioning: Mac in the scene on pages 10-11 and Mac’s monologue on page 11 (scene 4). So, starting with “I’m Clara”, up until the duet between Prok and John on p. 11. Download this side.

The composer has completed one aria for the character of Betty (who also plays Alice).  Here is a link to download it.  Sopranos, feel free to prepare this as your audition aria.  You are NOT required to prepare it to participate in the audition: