Liederabend: Überm stillen Land

Join us as Opera on Tap Berlin presents “Überm stillen Land.” Centered around childhood, coming of age and maturity, this Liederabend will take you on a journey through the circle of life….and we guarantee it’s some of the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard.

Singers: Anastasia Nikolova & Toby Hunt
Pianist: Olivia Travers

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Songs of Travel
Gerald Finzi: Let Us Garlands Bring
Charles Griffes: Three Poems of Fiona MacLeod
Richard Strauss: Vier letzte Lieder

Arrive around 17:30, grab a glass of wine and browse the gallery. Music begins at 18:00. Entry is free, but we propose a suggested donation of 10€ to compensate the hard work of our artists.