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“That peculiar little show, from the local company Opera on Tap, had made me joyous. It was the highlight of several recent days spent sampling from the unwieldy buffet that is the New York International Fringe Festival.”

—The New York Times 

At the national headquarters of Opera on Tap in NYC, we have been commissioning, developing and producing new operas since 2012.  Here you can learn more about our genre-bending, immersive projects we have commissioned and produced as well as projects we are currently developing.  Since 2016 we have been exploring integrations of emerging technologies with operatic storytelling through our Immersive Opera Projects.  To learn more about our productions that are currently touring, contact us.

This is the Ground

Designed as an interactive musical walk, This is the Ground centers the voices of marginalized populations in American society throughout the ages and maps the American refusal to surrender.

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The Parksville Murders

The world’s first VR opera- Two young women wake up confused and terrified in a dark world of incongruities and evil intentions. As the thundering sonic world escalates, one woman fights her way out, to find ‘out’ might be yet another illusion.

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Joan of the City

A site-specific mixed reality opera and a standalone AR app. Joan is a modern-day Joan of Arc. The spirits of the city call out to her to save it from the occupying forces of greed and corruption. The audience joins her army.

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The Inner Circle

Kinsey’s story is about the very discovery of—or at least the discussion of—sex in what was then a far more puritanical country, and it is a subject to which opera is ideally suited and yet with which it has a complicated history.

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