A Site-Specific XR Opera

Site-specific meets interactive meets live opera meets location-based. Parksville is an XR opera experience. With multiple components supporting the overall creation of an immersive opera experience, Parksville showcases multiple dimensions of characters who traverse the worlds of the living and the dead.

A Site Specific | Live Operatic | Location-Based | Cinematic | Interactive AR | VR Experience

A mysterious, sonically-activated, spectral phenomenon has led a handful of ambitious researchers to Parksville to find the source of its power. There, they discover a sonic portal that, if unlocked, could potentially shake the very firmament of human understanding.

On the surface, Parksville, New York, in the heart of the Catskills, seems like any other abandoned town off interstate 86. Settled in the early 1800’s, Parksville flourished into a bustling railroad hub and tourist destination. Over time, the railroad closed and the highway was diverted, leaving the once-thriving hamlet forever silent. Or perhaps not as silent as we originally thought.

New advancements in digital technology have enabled researchers to tap into what they’re referring to as THE THREAD, a kind of mysterious quantum, sonic, umbilical cord leading investigators directly to, of all places, Parksville. But why, Parksville? At this point, experts are unclear, but they suspect that THE THREAD might have ancient roots in witchcraft and pre-colonial folklore.

VR, AR and other ever-advancing technologies will help us crack the code and deepen our understanding as we all follow THE THREAD to Parksville… a place where old magic (witchcraft) meets new magic (technology), where good meets evil, where all will be revealed.

Parksville is comprised of 3 crucial components to support the overall creation of an immersive opera experience that comprises multiple dimensions of characters who traverse the worlds of the living and the dead:

  • Live operatic performances
  • Operatic performances captured volumetrically for ar experiences within pop-up Exhibitions and site-specific performances
  • VR content to be experienced within pop-up exhibitions and site-specific performances