Looking at You
A New Techno-Noir Opera

Fusing Edward Snowden with CASABLANCA, Looking at You is an immersive techno-noir opera confronting the issue of privacy in our digitized society. Set inside a corporate headquarters and integrating data mined from the audience, it lays bare urgent questions of our time.

“An absorbing frightening whole…Subjects for immersive theater don’t get much more relevant than the insidious spread of surveillance, which is cleverly explored in the opera Looking at You.”- The Wall Street Journal

Nerds at Silicon Hills like to party. They’re in the middle of a celebration at their massive corporate headquarters when you join in the fun. As you order a free drink from the singing, computer-generated assistant built into your table, a swirl of operatic voices, EDM and crime jazz surrounds you. You are now inside a story of high-tech espionage and sultry romance where Edward Snowden meets Casablanca. Looking At You confronts surveillance capitalism and the erosion of individual privacy in a digitized world.

Music Direction: Samuel McCoy
Video Designer: David Bengali
Technologists: Alessandro Acquisti, Ralph Gross
Tablet Technologists: Joe Holt, Daniel Dickison
Scenic Designer: Nic Benacerraf
Costume Designer: Kate Fry
Lighting Designer: Ayumu “Poe” Saegusa
Co-Choreographer: Amanda Szeglowski
Sound Engineer: Nathaniel Butler
Production Stage Manager: Westie Productions