The Parksville Murders
The World's First VR Opera

The world’s first VR opera- Two young women wake up confused and terrified in a dark world of incongruities and evil intentions. As the thundering sonic world escalates, one woman fights her way out, to find ‘out’ might be yet another illusion.

“If David Lynch were to write an opera, it would be something like The Parksville Murders.”
– The Philadelphia Inquirer

Two young women (Sarah and Corrine) wake up confused and terrified in a dark, surreal, music-filled world of incongruities and evil intentions, a space where Time seems to have curved in on itself somehow. Grotesque, masked figures slowly gather around the two from the corners of the darkened room, ceremoniously awaiting the women’s fate. As the thundering sonic world escalates and The Watchers descend upon them, one woman fights her way out, only to find that ‘out’ might be yet another illusion in this horrific, virtual universe. Will you help Sarah?

The Parksville Murders won Best VR Video at the NYC Independent Film Festival and was an official selection at the Future of Storytelling and the Topanga Film Festival. It went on to premiere to the public in partnership with SamsungVR at the Samsung Developer Conference. In 2019 it was exhibited as part of the Kennedy Center’s opening festival for the new REACH space. The opera is available for exhibition and for VR distribution platforms. Contact us to learn more.

Produced by:
Anne Hiatt
Todd Perlmutter
Cari Ann Shim Sham*

VR Production by:
Light Sail VR

Costume Design:
Ramona Ponce

Lighting Design:
Christopher Weston

Kacey Cardin
Mikki Sodergren

Seth Gilman
Anne Hiatt
Michael Protacio
Cameron Russell
Kamala Sankaram
Krista Wozniak

Presented by:
Opera on Tap