What the Fach?!? Vol. 2

We had so much fun getting all fached up last year that we have decided to do it again. Come hear arias sung in a way you will likely never hear them again as Opera on Tap Berlin presents “What the Fach?!? Vol. 2.”

This month’s singers: Emil Roijer, Holden Madagame, Gwendolyn Reid Kuhlmann, Seth Carico, Michael Taylor, CarrieAnne Winter, Anne Byrne & Sarah Ring

This month’s pianist: Soyoung Kim

Arrive around 19:30, grab a drink and settle in for a night of great music. The singing begins at 20:00. Revel in the experience of drinking a beer among good company while listening to a mix of arias, duets, art song and operetta in the beautiful surroundings of Prachtwerk Berlin.