Dueling Divas Program

This Evening’s Program:


Set 1:
Denise Crawfortsinging O Luce di quest anima from Linda di Chamounix by Donizetti
Rachel Duval – singing Mi Chiamano Mimi from La bohème by Puccini
Luke van Meveren – singing Bella, siccome un angelo from Don Pasquale by Donizetti
Brooke Larimer – singing Seguidilla from Carmen by Bizet
Blake Burroughs – singing Vecchia zimarra from La bohème by Puccini

Set 2:

Denise – singing Bill from Showboat by Kern & Hammerstein
Rachel – singing I could have danced all Night from My Fair Lady by Lerner & Loewe
Luke – singing C’est Moi from Camelot by Lerner & Loewe
Brooke – singing Send in the Clowns from A Little Night Music by Sondheim
Blake – singing Younger than Springtime from South Pacific by Rodgers & Hammerstein


This Evening’s Performers:

Denise Crawfort

From stomping through streams and forests,
to climbing mountains, Denise’s early days
were far from glitter and gaiety, but the
bright lights of the big city soon drew her in.
She came down from her cabin in the woods
to explore the sounds of the concrete jungle
accompanied by her beast named Flash.
Together they now take on the world one
park at a time, making their mark across
the city as they go and using their outdoor
skills to survive the wilds of the MTA.

Rachel Duval

Rachel, acclaimed heavyweight champion,
has won numerous international lifting
competitions across America. When not
blasting out face melting soprano riffs,
Rachel can be found taking selfies at the
gym in obnoxious lighting.  She is also
the mother of six children: LudVig,
Wolfffie, Giacomo, Giuseppe, Andrew
Floyd Weber, and A-Rod Junior.

Brooke Larimer

Brooke Larimer discovered her singing
talents while tipping a particularly heavy
cow in her home state of Vermont.
Originally a coloratura soprano, she found
that the witchy mezzo roles were a much
better fit for her thinly-veiled rage issues.
During the few brief waking hours that
Brooke is not singing each day, she can
be found sweating it out in Bikram classes,
sipping coconut water while eating yummy
vegan, gluten- and soy-free snacks, or
shopping for environmentally sustainable,
100% hemp ball-gowns for her international
concert tour.

Luke van Meveren

Luke van Meveren is a person from
a place. He was last seen eating some
sketchy looking bodega food on the
street corner. Future engagements
include leftover split pea soup, a
shameless seamless order, and some
imminent binge eating of ben and jerry’s
(chubby hubby variety.) If you happened
to have some trail mix or maybe some
beef jerky he would be very appreciative
of the support.

Blake Burroughs

Blake Burroughs is too sexy for his car,
his shirt, his cat, his hat, and this bio.

Blake’s facebook fanpage

Eric Sedgwick

Eric may or may not be a secret agent.
Or possibly a superhero.
We’re not sure, but he seems to be able
to be in 9 places at once and we have a
hunch he may have more than two arms.


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