Welcome to Opera on Tap Maine!

We are soooo excited to be here! The combination of the thriving food and arts culture and the talented pool of local singers makes Maine the perfect addition to the Opera on Tap roster. We want to bring our art form to anyone that will have us! Opera does not have to be one size fits all, and we want to remove common misconceptions and show you what we’ve got in relaxed and comfortable settings (i.e. restaurants, bars, galleries, coffee shops). We want to have fun with you and create opportunities for local artists. As we are getting started, we would love to here from anyone who interested in co-creating with us. Any venue can become our stage for the night! Email maine@operaontap.org for more information.

Introducing Opera on Tap Co-Managing Diva Shaunna Lucas

“One of the best things about returning to opera after taking many years off was watching my husband, a die hard metal fan with zero operatic exposure, develop an admiration for it. He can now be found listening to Verdi in his Dodge Ram on his way to work.”

Shaunna Lucas, soprano: Shaunna’s most recent engagement was with City Theater as Signora Nacarelli in their production of The Light in the Piazza. Prior to that she performed the role of Donna Elvira in Greater Worcester Opera’s production of Don Giovanni. Other notable performances include Rosalinda in Die Fledermaus and Antonia in The Tales of Hoffman with Northwestern University’s Vocal Career Seminar. Shaunna was classically trained at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. After a thirteen year hiatus, she returned to the stage in 2016. Shaunna lives in Portland, Maine and is a regular performer with the Portland Rossini Club. She currently studies with Dana Lynne Varga in Boston. Shaunna is now the proud mother of a 3 month old daughter and is currently enjoying time at home with her. She is excited to develop the Maine chapter of Opera on Tap.