Opera On Tap Maine’s Inaugural Concert

Opera Party on a Winter Wednesday 

Opera on Tap is the largest network of performing artists in the country. We take a local, grassroots, and VERY fun approach to community outreach in the name of our art form. We sing anywhere people will let us, aside from concert halls and opera houses. 

Please join us for the Maine chapter of Opera on Tap’s inaugural event where we will sing some of opera’s greatest party hits.  “Warm up with us” as we embark on this exciting new adventure! 


Shaunna Lucas, soprano (Co-Managing Diva)

Mary Johnston Letellier, soprano(Co-Managing Diva)

Alexandra Alene Dietrich, mezzo soprano 

Lindsay Conrad, soprano 

David Worobec, tenor

Colin Whiteman, baritone

Scott Wheatley, piano

Where: Cadenza in Freeport, ME

When: Wednesday February 12th, 8 PM