New Brew Presents: The “Mannes” Show

Friday August 7th, 8pm

376 9th Street
Brooklyn NY 11215
$10 Suggested Donation

New Brew’s had its Ladies’ Night. That was fun. But with tenor heartthrob Alex Guerrero and barichunk Seth Gilman curating our August extravaganza, we thought it about time to put on a Mannes Show.

You read that right! Our testosterone-laden co-curators are both alumni of the Mannes College of Music. In honor of their alma mater leaving its historic Upper West Side diggs for new facilities downtown, we’re celebrating with a program of Mannes-affiliated composers. It’ll be a diverse offering of students and faculty, composition and theory, piano and guitar. In short, it will be a blast.

And no, there will be no discount drinks for the gentlemen.