Safe Mobile Opera Venues

We bring the entire theater to you! A standalone mini-theater intended for live opera singer with integrated audio and lighting rig for accompaniment tracks and lighting configuration. Made in tribute to our performers.

Inspired by the Zoltar machine at Coney Island, our OPERACADES are designed to pay tribute to our many opera and classical music artists who are currently (and for the foreseeable future) unable to perform for live audiences. OPERACADES also create a unique public performance venue and mobile public art installation.

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With the OPERACADES, we hope to create an artistic experience that evokes nostalgia for another time and type of performance practice. At the same time we point towards a future for opera and classical music that puts innovation, community engagement, equity and inclusion at the forefront. Sound design plays a central role in this project, as we intend to create an acoustic effect for the sound of the live voice, while at the same time be able to accommodate noisy outdoor locations for OPERACADE installations. Singers are able to curate programs and perform them in an OPERACADE. Multiple configurations and interactive performance practices for and with the audience in open public spaces will be presented. At times we will present one to two OPERACADES in the same location to allow for ensemble singing. Each OPERACADE will include an integrated audio/PA system and lighting rig for accompaniment tracks and lighting configuration, as well as a cooling unit and security integration. An OPERACADE can be loaded in/out and overseen by one technician/ASM on performance days and performers will be able to adjust lighting and sound within it. Additionally, instrumentalists wearing masks will be able to line in to an OPERACADE to allow for ensemble performances. To learn more about presenting the OPERACADES, contact us. They’ll be ready to ‘roll out’ in early summer 2021.

The Team

Keith Christopher, Technical Director
Nathan Arthur, Scenic Painter
Video featuring tenor Casey Candebat
Video by Dylan Trần

Our longtime partners in NOLA have put their fantastic scenic studio to work to build our OPERACADES. The project will have a rolling premiere beginning in Brooklyn and traveling on to the Big Easy in the 2020/2021 season. OPERACADES are being built to last and will be shipped to other locations where Opera on Tap and our partners are active in subsequent months. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for an OPERACADE near you!