Playground Opera Summer Camp is Here!

An Interactive Virtual Arts Camp

With COVID-19 rapidly winding down and the sun’s rays shining through our various quarantine dwellings, we know that you and your child are excited for the change to come!

That’s why we are so proud to announce our new and innovative program! We are sure it will bring more freedoms, within the four walls of your home, or anywhere, that you feel comfortable participating!

Because we value having an immersive and interpersonal experience, we will keep these sessions at no more than 15 children per class, with access to our Teaching Artist and Materials for whatever needs outside of our class setting. 


Playground Opera has led the Operatic world in new and experimental ways since 2015, with our beloved campus, PS 129. Through the live experience, we were able to offer opportunities for children to not only learn more about Opera but also allow their imagination to expand through the use of everyday items for costumes, music in various languages, dances from multiple backgrounds, and of course, the use of a playground for the set!

This year, we are offering a similar experience, albeit without our beloved playground. Students will use technology, imagination, and everyday items to bring to life one of the world’s most famous stories, Cinderella! This class, which lasts for about two hours, will teach the basics of music-making, set designing, dancing, marketing, and costume making, all within the confines of your home! Our wonderful Teaching Artists (TA’s) will align without pre-recorded episodes, and assist your children with making an Opera come to life! By the time they have finished with our seven-session program, your child will have learned the many facets it takes to bring an opera to life! What an amazing achievement!

During their time with us, your children will learn:

 – An overview of the history of Opera 

  • How to sing in another language 
  • Two pieces of music from this famous Opera
  • How to create a set in an online setting.
  • How to create a costume from everyday items in the home
  • How technology and production plays a part in bringing a performance to life 
  • A waltz (how cool is that?)

And more!

AGE RANGE– 7- 11 years of age

Project: La Cenerentola 

Cost $489 per child

Available Sessions:
June 21-June 25, 10am ET-12pm ET
June 21-June 25, 3pm ET-5pm ET
June 28-July 2, 10am ET-12pm ET
June 28-July 2, 3pm ET-5pm ET
July 5-July 9, 10am ET-12pm ET
July 5-July 9, 3pm ET-5pm ET
July 12-July 16, 10am ET-12pm ET
July 12-July 16, 3pm ET-5pm ET
July 19-July 23, 10am ET-12pm ET
July 19-July 23, 3pm ET-5pm ET
July 26-July 30, 10am ET-12pm ET
July 26-July 30, 3pm ET-5pm ET
August 2-August 6, 10am ET-12pm ET
August 2-August 6, 3pm ET-5pm ET
August 9-August 13, 10am ET-12pm ET
August 9-August 13, 3pm ET-5pm ET
August 16-August 20, 10am ET-12pm ET
August 16-August 20, 3pm ET-5pm ET

Materials needed: Internet, Computer or Tablet, Color Pens and Pencils, and Paper