Playground Opera
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This year, Playground Opera is going virtual!


The Virtual Playground Opera is a collaborative experience between students, educators, teaching artists from Opera on Tap, and internationally acclaimed opera singers from around the world. In this program, students will learn about the fundamentals of opera and take a deep dive into what a production entails. Students will be able to sing, act, and dance in their very own video production of an opera (2020/2021 – Rossini’s Cenerentola). Using best practices in classroom pedagogy and music and film technology, each group of students will understand the exhilarating beauty of opera, and be able to connect it to their own lives and communities.

Director: Jenny Lee Mitchell
Assistant Director: David Gordon
Head Writer: Eric McKeever
Music Director: Mila Henry
Audio Engineer: Jeffrey Hudgins
Costume and Prop Designer: Ramona Ponce
Teaching Artists: Victoria Davis, Joy Jones
Performing Artists: Taylor Raven, Victor Hernandez, Eric McKeever, Ben Bloomfield, Joy Jones, Rachel Duval, Javier Ortiz, Glen Heroy
Band: Eleonore Oppenheim, James Moore, Andie Tanning, Kamala Sankaram, Alexander Rovang
Executive Producer: Anne Hiatt
Line Producer: Rachel Duval
Video Production: T-Stop Pictures